Progress Shows

It just occured to me that as I continue down my spiritual path, maintain some solid daily ritual, continue to read and learn, dutifully follow the things that seem to feel right and good, I have slowly, slowly gained strength in some specific areas of my life.

In other words, spiritual action eventually proves worthwhile with some concrete and lovely gifts. All that work pays off.

Here are three ways in which I seem to have made strides…

One: I am in tune with the energy of others and their impact on me.

I now can feel the relative frequency on which people resonate with me or despite me, and I can now respond accordingly. I was never so clear before. Oh sure, I have always been aware of the extremes, a supercharged hyperactive zing or those who feel flatlined and absurdly low, but now, I can feel the subtle differences between those who are like a perfect dance partner vibrationally and those who perhaps just like to clap and nod while I do all the dancing, or those who like to salsa while I like to waltz.

Two: I am able to predict things correctly based on intuition. And it might seem silly as a micro power, but in the end, I can determine a lot about the people around me just by being near them, little things like their favorite color, or big things like why exactly they almost relapsed on their addiction, or when they are being dishonest. These information downloads require next to no prior knowledge and come to me almost like it is natural, which of course it is when the earth quiets down and you can hear these messages.

Three: Decisions have become less baffling for me. I might not always know what the best choice is, but it is obvious when something does not feel right. I no longer have a whirlwind of ways to justify poor choices. I am more in tuned to what I really want and how to get there. Past patterns that do not work are no longer necessary. I am less desperate and neurotic and more assured and secure.

How is that for spiritual living!?

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