Creators and Creating

If you can wrap your mind around the idea that an all-knowing being had a hand in the creation of humans, then it might be lovely to consider that we are also meant to create, like a microcosm of our own creator. If that were true, imagine all that we create is a tribute to our divine source, a representation of what we are, our value as a species, and what we are meant to be doing here in this lifetime.

Everything, every single thing that we create is a nod toward a spiritual world, which taps into our own internal source, our intuitive and creative imagination.

There are no people in existence that are not creative. Creativity is our divine right, an innate fountain, a well spring of ability within each of us. It is sad that so many deny this, through painful comparisons, self-deprecating beliefs, or numbed out and shut down spiritual cores. Create is the opposite of destroy, but sometimes one comes out of the other. In this way, we must ‘die’ in order to live.

The real fun is in exploring and realizing your own personal medium of artistic expression. That can come in surprising ways…for me, it was always language and how I used words. But I always wanted to paint. I did not really want to take lessons. I just wanted to play and figure things out on my own. It wasn’t until my fifties that I allowed myself to really sink into it, to spend some money on it and to take the time needed. Today, people actually ask me to paint for them…just one year later.

There are so many possibilities, my darling friends!!

Consider the kitchen, a beautiful bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit, a whole plate of quinoa salad, a perfect loaf of bread.

The garden, potted or planted in the earth, flowers, herbs, a carefully selected mix of color.

A song, solo or with friends.

Crafts, such as woodwork, glass mosaics, woven fibers, knitting or quilts.

Refinishing an old dresser. A coloring book. Doodling.

Decorating your home. Getting Feng Shui or going minimalist. Re-creating an old space. determining what truly satisfies your senses, not just what covers a wall or floor. I once painted all my walls white and my ceiling Irish green. I stopped wondering if other people liked it and settled on what I like.

Sometimes I act out conversations out loud or try new dance moves in my private bedroom. Creativity raises my spirits. It makes me feel hopeful and alive. It makes me feel like I am not alone, even when I am. Now just try to tell me that that is not spiritual.

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