Dark Moon Mama

“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams.”
Edgar Allan Poe

I am no scientist. And there are a lot of lessons to be learned, volumes, perhaps entire libraries concerning the moon. But this is a basics in taking time to simply consider the moon.

Anyone with half a soul can see that the moon holds mystery, beauty and pull. I would even suggest that the blind could know when the moon is full or fully dark, just before a new moon phase. Nonetheless, I am surprised by how many people only think of the moon if they happen to see a full, rare and unexpected moon as they find themselves without any effort privy to a viewing. They may even pause and enjoy it. But then they turn away and that is the full experience for which they allow the moon to consciously affect them. Oh, my beautiful people, there is just so much more.

The pure fact that the moon impacts the tides and the woman’s body is alone a phenomenal thing. It makes sense that the moon is connected to the feminine divine, those unexplained female powers and intuitions, desire and also the dark, murky waters of emotional health and well-being. The phases each hold an energy that also brings results. The book that most helped me understand this was Many Moons (Vol 2, 2018)by Modern Women. I studied this bi-annual publication every few days as we traveled through the second half of that year. It was a deeply rich journey of moon magic and the profound connection we hold not only with the moon itself, but the ancient beliefs that still resonate with so many pagans today.

Did you know that most pantheons of divine power have a moon goddess, one which holds space for us and guides us in the shadows of our soul? Isis, Lilith, the Morrigan, Kali, Hecate, Artemis and more. When the moon is darkest, as it is tomorrow night, I take great stock in its effects. To me, this is the most neglected and most powerful phase, which can also surface up to three days ahead of the new moon, when a tiny sliver reappears. The dark moon for me is an exceptionally sensitive time, when I have a repulsion for people, places and things that do not understand or no longer serve me. I do a lot of banishing rituals at this time. I also always have intensely meaningful dreams, ones which stay with me for days, a few of them forever. I pay attention. I journal them down. I learn from these messages.

I put an offering out to the moon goddess: golden milk and apples or cherries or orange slices. I burn mugwort and frankincense. I paint riddles and dance to moody beats. I burn black candles. I meditate and read tarot and runes. When a day or two passes, I place the remains in the earth. It doesn’t matter if the food seems untouched. The intention is sealed. I am one with the moon and take time to love the darker, shadowy, mysterious part of my feminine side, the side that wants to mother and seduce and just sit braless with my black purring cat Poe. I don’t fear the dark moon. I dive right in and revel in the gift.

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