Good morning….

It takes effort to cultivate a good habit; eventually, we stop wondering if we want to do this and begin to wonder how we ever did without.

This is called RITUAL.

My morning ritual is beyond a doubt the most important foundation to my spiritual life. It is nearly impossible to be grounded, feel clarity, or navigate a proper day without first nurturing the body, mind and soul.

My personal routine is rather complex and takes approximately one full hour, but I have been at the morning ritual for almost twenty years. Even one or two actions for a few minutes can be plenty for a very long time. Here are a few ways you could begin:

  1. Aside from personal hygiene and fashion choices, one can sit with a glass of water and drink in small amounts for just a few minutes. A person could simply speak two or three affirmations of self-esteem with each drink, until it is gone. Saying things aloud is a crucial part of the power here. The water holds your intention and then pours back into your body, cleansing it of impure thoughts and toxins. My personal ritual comes from a more metaphysical belief; thus, I use a slightly more magical approach: After charging a mason jar of water overnight in the windowsill moonlight, I speak a prayer directly into the jar, then tip it back into my mouth and drink. Moon energy exists even when we cannot see the moon, so I don’t worry about the weather.
  2. Collecting earth energy is a fantastic way to get grounded. In the summer months, I stand barefoot on the grass in my private back yard. It is important to take just a moment to imagine my feet taking root into the earth, then the energy rising out of the earth and into my feet, up my legs, and into my body as a whole. When there is winter snow here in Minnesota (or I am on the tenth floor of an apartment building and the actual ground is far away), I can either pet the indoor plants, allowing their energy to enter my hands, or I imagine my feet/roots burrowing all the way down to the earth’s core. I understand that my imagination is powerful and this form of meditation is practiced all over the world. Why? Because it works.
  3. Read and/or write. I do both with a cup of coffee, but either one is a great start! I read something brief, like a Rumi poem, or a passage of the Tao Te Ching, sometimes a daily meditation book of my own subject of interest. This is done by people in addiction recovery all over the globe. After I have taken some time with the words, I then journal. Journaling must be done by hand in ink. This holds far more aesthetic, integrative, natural and permanent value. It is awkward at first, but your hand will quickly adjust. I prop a pillow under my arm and hardcover journal. What do I journal? Total stream of consciousness…emotional baggage…struggles and solutions…prayers…schedules and events and holiday meaning…observations of the world…insights about myself…results of divination…whatever. the. fuck. I. want. Just don’t censor yourself. And don’t leave it lying around for some fool to read either.

The important thing here is to take time to nurture yourself before you set out to take on the world, or worse, passively let the world happen to you. Try a morning ritual for 30 days, and if it serves you well, you can adjust, modify, extend or switch it up as needed.

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