Mindful = Spiritual

People often speak of the spiritual realm as though they are separate from it, as if there is a world one might leave in order to get there. Well, yes. And no.

We are by nature spiritual beings. It is just that our culture can chip away at our inborn spiritual nature slowly, by degrees, until the part of us that was largely spiritual, energetic, intuitive, magic and even psychic has been numbed out, beaten down, eradicated into the tiniest of bits, existing only on a subconscious, silent and often invisible level. People nowadays have this idea that spiritual practice is for weirdos. Therefore, I have settled into the delightful notion that if that makes me weird, then I am definitely weird. So what? It is working, and I like it.

On the contrary, the normal people are conditioned to place their focus on satisfying their impulses, instantly addressing their human drives with external comforts. We set out to fabricate our own fulfillment. Ice cream, sex, fashion trends, alcohol, romance, video games, television, cosmetics, interior design, toys, competitive athletics, boats, cars, motorcycles, drugs, and social media. These points of focus are not in and of themselves a bad thing. We all GET to relax, play, and party as we wish. We GET to tap into our primal drives and not feel like it’s a sin. But when these acts are done to excess or at the cost of our spiritual essence, then yes, they will harm us. They deplete us of our divine and powerful qualities. What was once a friend has now become a traitor. Addiction ensues, a mad obsession to fill the hole in the soul.

Because we forgot who we are.

Because we stopped believing in our own magic, our own power to manifest our own meaning, our divine place in the universe, our soulful right to build joy and carve out fulfillment without those comforts. We scoff at the option to gain enlightenment, find our natural purpose and the profound ecstatic states of existence…which we could absolutely have all on our own…as a gift of the divine universe.

Yet, even if we did somehow decide to try another path, how would we even start to return to this improved state of the soul?

Mindfully, that’s how.

We begin by daily AWARENESS of our habits and we turn just three degrees to the left and begin a new awakening. We begin by “going within” in every single act, in every exchange, in every nuance of every day. We decide to pay attention. We document our observations. We share our experiences. We become the story others tell by connecting with them spiritually.

There is no greater time to be alive! Our knowledge has become so advanced that we can now scientifically prove that there is a vast world for which the mysteries still unfold. There is energy all around our bodies. We can literally influence others and understand the universe through mindful action and meditative states. The earth is a single global unit with sage spiritualists living, not in complete peace, but in a deeper recognition of truth and a firmer ground on which to step. Life becomes better when we become seekers, when we allow ourselves to begin considering something sublime, healthy, powerful and independent from that which is ultimately crushing us.

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