The Spirit of Sound

It is so easy to hear sounds unconsciously and only tend to those that demand our awareness. Unless we raise our awareness.

An immediate form of spiritual growth is to stop participating in all the noise and start listening to that which feeds our soul. We choose to become aware, in tuned to what is speaking to us through the language of sound. We awaken.

It helps to close our eyes because we are highly visual people. It helps to stop moving to allow stronger focus on sounds outside our own making. It helps to recognize how we are impacted by all the sound and absolutely any lack of sound.

Why is this a spiritual experience? Because there is beauty and meaning in so much of it. There is growth in the acceptance of it too. We absorb the emotions and the tones. We can take action to reduce jarring and grating noise but increase that which nurtures us, calms us and generates a realm of the soul.

When the neighbor plays heavy metal while he paints his house, or uses that leaf blower, I am aware. I thank the gods he plays it at a volume that won’t destroy my peace. I take a shower or run an errand to avoid a soul-crushing saw upon the dead branches.

When the crows caw at me on my walk, I see that they acknowledge me. I know I am alive and can connect with other beings. I bow to them.

I now treasure the chimes and the wind through the trees, or the rain dripping into puddles. I am less focused on my struggles in these moments.

I also honor the pain of those who shout rage in the night and the cries of a child in the store.

When I hear the whine of the power lines in the midday sun, I am dazzled by our human footprint.

Violins and chickadees and the purr of my cat, my sister’s insatiable laugh, recalling the voice of a man who once loved me, echoes of a time my spirit soared.

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