And what of prayer?

I am not one to pray a whole lot. I have learned that many prayers will only serve the ego as I beg for what I want, download my wishlist, and might in turn insult the divine, as if I know more or better. I sometimes do not pray when others ask it of me, since I am often willing to accept the spinning of the Fates.

In such cases, I keep it simple and only ask for “sight,” or understanding, or guidance through my day.

Nonetheless, I do believe it is true one can work with the divine, as in tandem, and allow that which is available to wash over me as a wellspring of sustenance upon a hardened soil.

I encourage you to dig deep and write your own prayers, which will then help you to be present with each word. Sometimes using an ancient prayer can become robotic; a rote prayer can sometimes crystalize and lose its impact.

Today, I offer this prayer I wrote myself as a sample (possibly used as a 3rd step prayer if you happen to be in addiction recovery); I have memorized it and now begin each day for spiritual connection:

Dear Beloved Divine,

Today, I am here open to you.

Enter me as the ocean enters the shell,

Run through me as light through sheer fabric.

Together we build worlds upon which my fellows may tread.

I invoke thee

to bring warmth into my heart

and nurturing food to my belly.

Let me then share my blessings

with wisdom.

Secure my mind in gentleness and tolerance

for those in need.

Help me to be still and listen.

Give me swift action against insatiable drives.

Temper me where ego is injured.

Sharpen my spirit should it fade.

Sweet divine God and Goddess –

Let me honor you in keeping my body sacred,

knowing the pleasure of choice and dignity.

Remind me of the dreadful cost I pay with my distorted appetites.

Love me as I love you through gifts and sacrifice

and a gratitude for all that is beautiful and righteous,

giving equal thanks for the lessons and growth of my struggles.

Blessed be. And so it is.

~ Isa

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  1. Hi Isa,

    A beautiful , powerful prayer. A supplication to the divine to do what is right, to spread love, and to unit with one another. Wonderfully composed.

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