Why We Must Write

We must write like we must eat, sleep, talk, and breathe. Writing provides movement to a vibrant place, a place where ideas take form and build meaning, to a place where we can push away the crags and rocks of the earth and watch a seedling emerge, pliable and potentially empowered.

To Create

The art of written language is complex and not easily tamed. The delight of a witticism, a sobering image, a relatable detail – this builds a world we can consider. Literary people are the observers and keepers of  wisdom. To create art with words is a blessing to the masses, and perhaps only appreciated by those lucky enough to really see.

To Inspire

The ideas brought forth can matter. The nudge to take action, the prompting to know more, the comfort of hopeful rhetoric, each word-spark can fuel passion. Writing connects us to the living without ever leaving the couch. Quality content brings us silently and individually from a bland gray to a flourishing color.

To Tell the Story Otherwise Missed

How often in your life have you come to read something that shifted your gaze from removed to love, that left you quiet with importance, that opened your world to hope? The stories of humanity, the glimpse of something beautiful, the stare of a brutal truth – these are the reasons we must write. Writers must recognize not just our impact, but our higher purpose, and even our responsibility.

To Dismantle the Absurdity

In a world where people will greedily and cruelly twist the truth, or worse, obliviously walk right past it, we must write to assure that we survive. If we have stopped trusting what we read, and let’s face it, we all have, then the intuitive artists, those often unpaid writers, must still write. Pure, honest writers serving the vulnerable in a brave new world may be our one last hope.

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