About Isa Glade

Isa’s Purpose

Welcome Friend,

My simple mission is to be a part of the spiritual river trickling, or running clear, and even bursting wild through each of us! I wish to increase our divine connection, and inspire those daily rituals and mindsets that help us get into the flow. Where to? To that magical place where we feel a soulful and energized life force! Let us gather and refresh; let us be reminded! Let us spend a quiet moment contemplating that which serves us most: To be spirited, to be our divine selves!

No matter what conflicts and challenges, what goals and adventures in which you currently swim, I invite you to journey with me. My name “Isa” is taken from the eleventh rune; it means a bridge of stillness, connecting us to the mysteries. “Glade” is an old name of my ancestors, the sacred grove in the forest where things open up and light enters.

Each post on my blog is in favor of your divine nature, partake in the sips of sustenance needed to fill your parched heart. Each painted image is carefully created with spirit in mind! Please enjoy and do not hesitate to reach out and connect with me.

May your struggles bring growth and your joys be abundant!

Blessed Be, Isa

“I find your articles to get straight at the core of what it takes to actually build a truly spiritual world of my own. Thank you Isa!” Sam McDonald

“Isa, your art is mesmerizing and draws me in. I get completely lost in it.”

ML Silva