Isa Glade Paints

As discussed on my home page blog, CREATIVITY is the cornerstone of a spiritual life. It is necessary that we loosen up our rigid ideas of perfection and try to have some fun! To share our efforts as a child would is to return to a less inhibited time, a time when we were kind to ourselves and knew the beauty and grace of the playful divine within ourselves. Thus, I take risks and share my own love of visual art and language in some small doses. Creativity comes in a thousand ways. These are only a couple of them.

I started painting just over a year ago. I never had lessons, but I knew from some childhood efforts that I had some vague potential. I really never spoke of it to others and knew many artists who were significantly more skilled. I am still unsure why, but some calling, some inner voice pushed me to learn from my mistakes, trust in my process, and follow my intuition! This has been a deeply spiritual journey for me. There is much to learn about one’s self when outsiders do not tell you what to do or how to do it. I began gifting my work to close friends who graciously received them as a bond of innocent love. This was enough for me. It was never about being good enough. It was about creating something I liked and then sharing it with people I loved. I did not care if they displayed it or tossed it. The gift was in the soulful desire to be vulnerable and open, like a child. Then, to my surprise, people wanted to buy them, commission their own ideas, and pay generously!

Painting is what saved my life and strengthened me in the darkest time of my adult years, when I was shocked into divorce and slapped into a painful and desperate need for change and healing. It was simply something I could do to feel good without destroying myself or numbing out the loss.

I am now 55 years old and many of my evenings are spent in front of a canvas, which somehow has kept me from feeling lonely or bitter. I guess being creative fills an emptiness I have sought to fill all of my life. Even if I find love again, no one will keep me from painting! I wish this sort of thing to happen to all people who have forgotten the hopeful and unabashed child they once were.

Some originals still available at varied costs.

Glossy 8 x 10 Prints $16

Commissioned work negotiable.