WorkYourWyrd Creative Writing Courses!

                   with Isa Glade Now online on


Never shared your writing? Published a few things? We welcome all writers!


Isa provides Private Coaching and Editing for Self-publishers!

Just contact me directly!

What can students expect? 

  • Inspiration, Support, Advice
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Peer and Instructor Feedback 
  • Troubleshooting Conversations
  • Analysis of Your Style
  • Specific approaches to a specific genre
  • Suggested Resources and Practices
  • Light Technology Support

Isa Glade
Your Writing Coach! 

           Isa Glade inspires and educates her students to build a more creative life! She is a retired newspaper columnist and English teacher, an intuitive, mother, feminist, recovering addict, and a self-taught metaphysical painter. A born and raised Midwesterner, she now lives off grid as an artist, writer, editor, and obsessed student of esoteric knowledge in St Regis, Montana.


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