WYW Writing Workshops

WorkYourWyrd Creative Writing Workshops!

with Isa Glade ~coming soon at Skillshare.com

Never shared your writing? Published a few things? We welcome all of those looking to grow as writers!

Times:  Any time you wish! Isa’s courses are available for purchase through Skillshare, which allows you to choose creative writing topics for independent study, as well as personal and community features! Each Course runs approximately 60 minutes, with a series of short videos and feedback/communication platforms!

Potential Workshop Begin in March, 2023: 

Courses in Understanding Your Own Writing Style! And Melding Memoir with Myth! Also, Steps to Take When Your Article, Story or Book is Written!

Cost: Each Course Costs less than $20!

Extensive Editing or Further Private Coaching are provided for an additional fee.

Just contact me directly!

What can students expect? 

  • Inspiration, Support, Advice
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Peer and Instructor Feedback 
  • Troubleshooting Conversations
  • Analysis of Your Style
  • Specific approaches to a specific genre
  • Suggested Resources and Practices
  • Light Technology Support

Isa Glade
Your Writing Facilitator

Isa Glade inspires and educates her students to build a more creative life! She is a retired newspaper columnist and English teacher, an intuitive, mother, feminist, recovering addict, and a self-taught metaphysical painter. A born and raised Midwesterner, she now lives off grid as an artist, writer, and obsessed student of esoteric knowledge in St Regis, Montana.

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