Artistic Techniques for a Mystical Vibe

Certain artistic methods create a spiritual energy, which in turn creates a divinely-infused product.

“Dragon and the Lotus”

As a self-taught acrylic painter, I have learned that not everything has to be a struggle. Some intended affects of my art are borne of intuition, and I suspect it is likely true of all things artistic. I believe my art, though lacking technical, schooled precision, still evokes something of importance to me: a mystical quality, something original that speaks to one’s soul.

Get Your Groove On.

I move slowly into my art ritual. I set up the proper lighting and play some favorite music. I even dance around a bit. I gather the elemental and the sensual bits – select a few colors, open a window, warm water in glass jars, tie on my apron, pull back my hair.  I do these things with a soft smile. I pay attention to the sounds and the textures. I have reverence for this process. There is no hurry.

Keep It Loose.

Playfulness can allow a lot of unexpected beauty to surface. I try to cast out the intellectual and tap into the wonder!  Yes, I use a variety of paint brushes. But I also use sponges, rubber scrapers, palette knives, spoons, and spray bottles, and a variety of mediums for texture. Indeed, I have seriously ruined a few good things by getting too loose, but I have had more successes than failures. And by success, I mean, I like it. I am willing to risk a brave stroke or splatter paint upon impulse.

I often know what I feel like doing, and then I just do it. The trick is to try it very lightly before going hog wild. I have found that fluid tension between testing things out and trusting the divine nature within me, not unlike dancing the Tango. Rushing or forcing is unwise. I must take a break if I feel strained. I can stare at it half-done for hours, considering what is next. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun.

Be Authentic. 

If I am trying to copy an image made by another human, I am already in trouble. I only do great work when I am doing me. If being me means I use the same three colors on 90% of my work, so be it. If being me means I will literally smear my scraper across defined lines, then that is me. If I feel like splattering black droplets across a gold sky, then I will. I just like what I like. I cannot concern myself with those who don’t get it.

I will never be that other really cool thing that is someone else. Anyone who knows my work knows what looks like an IsaYep. There I am, and feeling seen is a soulful thing. When someone wants my art in their home, our souls naturally connect, and the beat goes on


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