The Portal by Isa Glade

What can I say? I have layers. There’s so much going on and I’ve only so much time. However, I hope to make some key points here, for you, for me, for the world, about creativity, what it takes to live and breathe it, how to adjust one’s parameters, and the fantastic notion of why we do it at all.

According to Joseph Campbell, “We don’t seek meaning; rather, we seek the rapture of being alive!”


I can sum up my earthly labels with Painter, Writer, Teacher, but hey, if that were it, I’d be underestimating my divine self. We are all so much more than that, more than what we do. And I suppose in the end, we are also a whole lot less.

As a result, I will be blogging here weekly. I hope you follow me and we can go there together.

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