Friday Fundamentals for Solid Writing Habits: The Overuse of “So”

Happy Friday Folks! Welcome to my first of many future Friday posts, focused on simple writing habits.

Today, we are going to discuss the highly repetitive and absurdly basic use of the word, “So.”

We use it often while we speak, beginning our every thought as though no other option exists; therefore, So makes its way into our writing far more than necessary. When I see it once, I think, So what? Relax. 

The second time, my eyebrow arches, and I am displeased.

A third time? No. Absolutely not, my friends. We can do better.

Just pay attention. Replace the So every single time you have more than one on a page. Let us try some varied synonyms as well as occasional omissions altogether – seriously, in some rare times, a transition word just isn’t needed at all.

Yet, when So seems unavoidable, there are alternatives. I am sharing a list with which to practice: Therefore, As a result, Nevertheless, Consequently, Thus, In addition, Furthermore, Ergo, Hence, and Understandably. 

If these words seem too lofty, just notice that using “So” exhaustively leaves the exact opposite impression. Think of this new practice as a means of climbing out of a vocabulary slump.  Trust me, your readers will appreciate the effort.

Now, get out there and enjoy your weekend!








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