Don’t Worry About Me

A WYW Club Poem

Don’t Worry About Me

It won’t be a problem

For me

I’m already moving

I will fly over your waves

Dive deep in my watery caves 

And flush the sting

‘Til it’s numb

Make mad love to the gods

Slip and curl on the kitchen floor

Rhythmic souls need no one

I won’t just paint it out

I will be the art

That makes you shiver

Hammer it down under my feet

And let it burn in my lungs

Let the hobos stare. 

They’re mouthing something now.

My ears are already screaming.

It’s a comfort when no one can 

Make it worse.

Tell my girls only fools

Say no 

And cackle witchy words

When the darkness floods

My room

Unleash the monsters

From my throat

Cry the fierce resounding gall

Don’t worry about me.

I’m already over it.

— Isa Glade

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