An Artist’s Rules of Engagement: First – Trash the Lie

When someone says, “I’m not creative,” I feel a little crazy.

Did the regrettable influence of ignorant parents, distorted mass media, insensitive teachers, or the bully down the street infiltrate your mind?

Did someone suggest that you must sit inside the box of the UNCREATIVE?

Well, it’s simply absurd.

All people are creative. All people are created to be creative. It’s our inborn calling. Our right!

When we insist that we are not that, we are deciding it is true. And, yes, okay, maybe we don’t know that part of ourselves, or we are afraid we won’t measure up, or we have believed in a distortion that justifies avoidance for life, but we still must at least confess it!

When fear overrides the universal, innate gift of creativity, when fear overrides the spiritual awareness that is manifested within our creative lives, we are still creating. Only now, we create a prison, a disfigured self in a tiny little gray world. We must now survive with hollow breath. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Since we cannot know the bliss of our untapped creativity, since we refuse to leap from the cliff so that we may truly know ourselves, we inevitably turn to other things. We turn to sabotaging alternatives: consumerism, unhealthy foods, our vapes. We turn to meaningless sex, sarcasm, and superiority. We turn to chronic athleticism and monetary greed. We seek power outside of ourselves to fill the desert within.

We limit ourselves with limited versions of what it means to be creative. There are infinite ways to be creative, just as there are infinite judgy snobs and infinite competitors. Don’t let them tell you who you are. Stop underselling yourself.  Build your life differently. It is the only one you get. It makes me crazy just thinking about it.

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