WorkYourWyrd Club: An Isa Glade Submission


“Paonia” by Isa Glade

Our glampervan is called 

The Goat.

No, I am not going to explain it.


Just the name is a nod

To Us.

My beautiful man

Who grew his white beard

And can now run his whole hand through his bangs.

A viking who loves vikings.

Skol on, Bobby.


I can sit in the very back 

Ignore the death-defying curves

With a backdrop of air

Please hug that rock wall tight

Be the goat, my love.

Easy. slow. whispering fuck ‘em.


And do not worry

I’m just back here bouncing off

The rims of my summer mind

A gypsy in her 

Multi-colored caravan

Of two.

~ Isa Glade

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