Stillness and Whimsy, the Power of Your Local Arts

One of the greatest ways to get me all revved up is to toss me into a room full of other people’s art!

Recently, my bestie, aka husband, agreed to join me in a visit to Whitefish, Montana. I wanted to be served some epic food in a mountain cafe and pop into an art gallery or two. Since we typically hit the wilderness trails, I was craving a bit of the civilized art scene! What happened in that small space of time (before embarking on Glacier National Park in plenty of drizzling rain) was superb.

For Enrichment

First of all, it is so important to visit art galleries or museums if one wants to balance out that rugged wilderness lifestyle, or whatever it is that keeps you from the sensory pleasure of the arts. Taking time for art keeps things wonderfully interesting. It slows us down and helps us to pause. Since he is an outdoor photographer, and I am a painter of landscape and wildlife, visual art always provides plenty of fodder for conversation. Even a few pensive moments of silence are sweet as well.

For Peace and Pleasure

We like to soak in the really striking pieces that stand out from the rest – to stand there, like time is irrelevant, and to stare, then put words to unusual colors or to admire the use of light and shadow.

For Perspective

Some artistic styles are just not our thing, and that is a bond for us as well. It is wonderful to see that sometimes a favorite piece might be rather small in size.  Sometimes the most impressive arts are largely due to their extravagant proportions, or magnificent frames!

For Inspiration

I just love it when I see a technique that is a particular passion for me – in this recent case – a very thick glossy gel whipped into dollops and peaks, like a lemon meringue on canvas! Praise for palette knives and spatulas! I wanted to jump in my car, drive home, and get to it! And I really, really wanted to touch it.

I also love to see what I just can’t do, or admittedly find intimidating. Seeing these pieces nudges me to dream. Just like I used to dream about the stuff I now do with more ease. Do you know what I mean?

For Community

If you are ever in Whitefish, check out Going to the Sun Gallery and Cowdrey Gallery!!

Visiting a space that celebrates my kind of people, people who make beauty and power out of random stuff, is a pretty cool way to spend a little time on this earth – to wander and wonder – to imagine – to prepare – while we are here and we still can.

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